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Tibet, known as "The Roof of the World" and surrounded by mystery for generations, is now accessible to tourists. One of the few openings into long-repressed Tibet and its culture is Nepal. Nepal has developed into a convenient and enticing entry point from which to tour Tibet ever since Tibet was made accessible to the world in 1985. We run excursions to Tibet using convenient plane connectivity and breath-taking stunning overland journeys.

The trek is worthwhile because of the heartbreaking dry plateaus, lush flatlands, and strong culture. Tibet is a rough, primitive place. It is frequently portrayed as a Shangri-La with cliff-hanging monasteries and a society caught in endless mystery because it is protected by high passes and blessed by airy prayer flags. A trip to Tibet required strength, nerve, and a lot of luck a century ago. Lhasa, the nation's capital, was genuinely cut off by tremendous geological barriers and was under government protection.

Tibet represented all that was enchanted, enigmatic, and foreign. Travelers now have a variety of options and opportunities to gain first-hand knowledge of the numerous sights and sounds of this far-off and ancient land and to lose themselves in the rich Tibetan culture, architecture, landscape, and religion thanks to the opening up of air and land routes from Nepal. But the spirit of exploration endures. Tibet is a place unlike any other, a mystical environment of large open spaces, bright light, and pure color, dominated by a vividly blue sky, rising about five kilometers above sea level and concealed behind the Himalayas.

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